May 23 2017
Selling on Stowell

4 Bdrms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bath


A four bedroom on a large lot right off Downer on the Eastside.


This four-bedroom arts and crafts-style home is located in a prime Eastside location. It was originally listed in April and has recently had a price reduction, down from $334,888.

The location is just west of the Downer Business District on Stowell. This is just a few steps away from Pizzaman, Boswell Books, etc - a great location especially in summer.

This four bedroom is on a large lot, almost like the next door home has been torn down but more than likely it's just a larger lot than normal. Much of the house looks very original but looks in great shape. The kitchen could use a facelift but the attic is a huge open space that looks terrific. There's even a four-car garage that opens to the alley behind Stowell. We can't quite recall a four-car garage in this area - that's an awesome find.

Pics and details via the big link below.

Link to Listing

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