April 9 2018
The Bacon Estate

6 Bdrm



This classic Fox Point six-bedroom Tudor is "for sale by owner" on Zillow, for $1.2 million.


Although it might look like a Lake Drive residence, the location is Regent Road, in central Fox Point. This is south of Bradley and just west of Santa Monica.


One of our favorite Milwaukee properties is coming up for sale. This Tudor, on a huge lot in Fox Point, is currently "For Sale By Owner" on Zillow.  The home was originally owned by Frank Rodgers Bacon -  founder of the American Rheostat Company (an electrical components company that is now part of Eaton). Bacon built the home (and several other homes) in the early 1900s. Originally, Bacon owned 37 acres and was one of the first individual land owners in Fox Point. (Douglas Frasier has an excellent history of the home and of the Bacon family.)

Fox Point officially lists this property as 2.5 acres, however the Zillow ad (link below) details three separate parcels of land that are part of the property, so it's possible that the acreage is larger. The pictures on the link below show the property and exterior of the home. We just love the view of the home from Regent (and its vintage Mercedes always parked out front), we hope someone snaps it up right away.

Pictures and details via the link to Zillow's page, below.

Link to Listing

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